My ceramics are made to be tactile and imperfect, they have been made to be handled and loved. Each piece is unique from the brush strokes on it’s surface to it's physical quirks. I believe art should tell stories be that in the piece itself or in the memories you build around it.

I live by the grey-blue sea in Margate, UK, and work from a small studio space in my home. 



As well as my website you can buy my work from... 

IOTA Edit  //  Quarters Home  //  Form Lifestyle Store  //  Studio and Store  //  Wondering People  //  We Are Nomads  //  Objects and Finds  //  Artists and Objects

If you would like to enquire about a wholesale order then get in touch via ellabuapottery@outlook.com  


Please allow 3-5 working days for your order to arrive.

It is important to me to be consistently considerate to the environment. All of my cards are printed onto recycled paper and conscientiously packaged. Ceramics and other online orders will be wrapped in paper made from recycled materials and reused cardboard/bubble wrap. 

If you would like to order something and then collect it from me at a market or in Margate, then please use the code COLLECTOR and add a message before you checkout.