Illustrated Tumbler

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Smooth tumblers in matte white with playful drawings in oxide to decorate them. Each drawing is unique and therefore your tumbler may differ slightly to the one photographed.

Apple Tree- a branch that wraps around the tumbler with two apples hanging from it

Sea Birds- light blue brushstrokes of cobalt oxide with seabirds drawn back into the surface, a hazy, aerial view of birds flying above waves

Greek Vases- four different styles of Ancient Greek vases with their names.
Lekythos, for pouring oils
Oinochoe, for wine
Kylix, for drinking
Amphora, for storage

Sunbather- a body lounging in the sunshine

These small tumblers are a rusty orange on the inside and stand at approximately 9cm tall, 6cm at the base and 7cm across the top. Dishwasher friendly but hand-washing will ensure best care.