The Crow & The Pitcher

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A retelling of Aesop's fable of The Crow & The Pitcher where an ingenious crow uses pebbles to help him take a drink. On the front of the vase is a crow on a pile of pebbles looking at Greek hydria. On the back is the fable.

'There had been a long spell of dry weather, and water was scarce. A thirsty crow happened upon a pitcher half filled with water, but it was large and heavy with a tall, narrow neck so no matter how the crow tried, he could not reach the water. Disheartened the crow looked around and noticed a pile pebbles. Picking them up one by one, he dropped them into the pitcher. As each pebble fell to the bottom of the pitcher the water rose a little more. Finally, the water reached the lip of the pitcher and the crow could quench his thirst'

Each Story Vase is a unique form and a unique design which I will not replicate unless specially requested. They are hand-built from stoneware clay and finished in a matte white glaze. They will be delivered by a tracked courier service. For international shipping please get in touch for an estimate